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PVC Curtian Direct is known for providing a low-cost buffer against contaminants like dust, pests, and noise. Perhaps more importantly, they offer an optimal solution for controlling ambient temperatures, crucial in food production and storage. PVC curtains have the advantage of doing all of this while also allowing for flexible access for staff, pallet trucks, and vehicular traffic.PVC Curtian Direct has quickly become one of the UK’s fastest-growing suppliers and PVC Curtains’ installers. It has tremendous success across a wide range of applications, thanks to our well-established relationship with our suppliers. We will have unbeatable rates on bulk roll PVC, regular “off the shelf,” and bespoke self-install curtain kits, all of which are backed up by our national installation team. Because of the success of our partnership with Vinyl Compounds, we have been able to leverage their cutting-edge research and development laboratories and compounding facilities to push the boundaries of common strip curtain grades, such as our “Antimicrobial” strip, which is a very safe and effective method of killing and controlling the spread of bacteria. Our “Super Polar” strip curtain, which can withstand temperatures as low as -60°C, outperforms other cold storage options. We also offer an “Anti-insect” strip curtain, yellow and made with citronella oil, a powerful insect repellent. We also provide an “Anti-Static” solution that is becoming increasingly common in server and data centre environments, as well as electronic manufacturing plants and workshops. We are the only PVC curtain manufacturer in the UK to give all of its customers a variety of maintenance services to ensure their strip PVC curtains are kept in the best possible condition, in addition to our comprehensive product line and national fitting service. This assures our consumers that they are not endangering their employees or themselves as an employer due to the possibility of poor visibility caused by poorly maintained strip curtains. We are also proud to provide recycling for both virgin and post-consumer strip curtain material waste, ensuring an environmentally sustainable cradle to grave service.

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