Frequently Asked Questions


The queries that our customers mostly ask our customer support team are mentioned below.

If your question isn’t answered in the questions below, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team for more details and information.

What is the delivery time span?

In most cases, we deliver all orders within 3-5 working days with fixed charges in normal situations. However, if the customer demands delivery the same day or within 48 hours, we will entertain them by charging the same additional delivery charges.

We are closed on Saturday and Sunday. The orders that need to be delivered the next day or within 48 hours must be checked with us by 2:00 p.m., either by call or email.

Is it possible to ship a product to different address?

Yes, you can have your packages sent to a different address. Customers should mention their addresses when placing an order with us, either by email or over the phone. However, we will send the payment invoice to the address provided during the registration processing. So provides us accurate address to avoid any inconvenience.

What is the rate of delivery?

• 7.99 for standard delivery

In most countries, we provide delivery services between 24 and 48 hours (excluding Highlands, Irelands, and Northern Areas).

• Items weighing less than 30kg will be shipped in parcels.

• Pallets will be sent for items weighing more than 30 kg.

The shipping charges for the products are fixed regardless of weight and sizes of the products.

If the cost of delivery charges differs from what is stated above, we will inform you of the charges and will not dispatch the product until you have agreed to our delivery charges.

What is the latest time to place an order for the next day delivery?

If you want next-day delivery, you have to place your booking order by 2:00 p.m. on weekdays (MON-FRI).

What is the best way to track of my order?

All orders can be easily tracked using a parcel tracking device, and customers can be notified about their tracking information by email or call.

To get your parcel’s tracking details and information, please contact our customer service team via email or phone at 0207 097 9337.

Monday to Friday

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

How do I find out if any item is out of stock?

Our website automatically handles shortage of products and updates the shortage level on the website regularly using both automated and manual systems. As a result, our customers can place orders with confidence. If an item that a customer has ordered is out of stock and the shortage of that product is not mentioned, our customer service team will contact you by phone or email to let you know about the shortage of that product.

Unless the customer specifically requests it, we do not offer part-ship orders. If a customer orders several products and one or some of them is out of stock, we will not ship the order until all of the items are available. However, if the customer wishes and requests for in-stock products to be shipped first and out-of-stock items to be delivered later, the customer can contact our customer service team via phone or email to request the dispatching of the order, and our team will make the necessary arrangements for shipping. This service is offered at no additional charges.

Is it possible to add or cancel items from my order?

We will try our best to make adjustments to your order until it has not been dispatched. Please call our customer support department at 0207 097 9337, and we will feel happy to help you.

When can I hire a third-party installer to book my goods?

You should not hire a third party to mount your products until you have ordered the package and inspected it for any shortages or losses.

What are the payment options?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, and Maestro credit cards. We are unable to recognize American Express.

Which carriers do you use for delivery? uses various carriers, including DPD, TNT, and FedEx, depending on the size of the order and the customer’s delivery address.

How reliable is your company/website?

The company takes every possible effort to ensure that pictures, price, specifications, and sizes are correct; however, these items are subject to change and availability, in the unlikely event that the cost of our product rises and we will update all the changes, we will notify you before dispatching our products.

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